ICSE 2011 Wrap up and future research work

After the long (16 hr) flight home from ICSE 2011, I see a full schedule of work, wedding, and house work. ICSE 2011 was a great first conference to go to. I had two great presentations, one at TEFSE and one at CSEE&T. The former was in regards to our traceability paper and the latter performance metrics. The experience at ICSE was much more than just about presentations. I had the pleasure to hang out with other great minds and network with other researchers from around the world.

While sitting in the Hilton Hawaiian bar and grill and reading a book, I had the surprising pleasure of an unexpected excellent conversation with some guys from NASA. I was reading the Foundation series by Isacc Asimov and enjoying a Malibu and pineapple when a group of three guys sat down nearby. They started talking about some obviously CS related topics like the latest on Oracle and Sun and one of them noticed my book. He said “that’s not John Gresham, are you here for ICSE?” Thus began a conversation with, as I found out through the course of the talk, someone who writes algorithms for the DSN (Deep Space Network) i.e. the network responsible for handling communication data from Voyager, Cassini, the Mars rovers and more. Given that I’m intensely interested in these things it was my pleasure to learn some of the nitty-gritty insider perspective.

This type of random encounter was, in my view, typical of my experience at ICSE. Everyone was mostly friendly and almost all had some passionate interest in their work. It was intellectually refreshing to take part in and now I’m motivated to move forward with the next phase of the security research. Dr. Gamble and I will be moving forward with a renewed sense of direction and some good grounding which I think will culminate in the next round of papers/reports for the AFOSR. This new initiative will be my work for the next two weeks in addition to my last minute wedding planning duties.

That’s it for now, stay tuned!


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