Working on VisGA and next round of security research this week

On VisGA:

It has taken me a bit to get started again on non-house related projects post-spring break. Last week I started working on my VisGA again. I’m currently working on an efficient and complete algorithm for collision detection and re-routing of “pipes” that cross through obstacles. So far I’ve come up with a good algorithm for handling disjoint obstacles – but It needs to be extended for routing around merged obstacles (i.e. non-uniform obstacles composed of multiple squares). This is my main programmatic task for the next few days. Look for an updated VisGA version available via my utulsa web space in the next week or so.

Research Tasks:

On the other hand, I have a pile of papers and documents to look through to glean some insights regarding the next step for the Security Calculus work. I’m currently looking at the formal methods compliance and security assurance literature. The past few days I’ve been delving into the Common Criteria part 3 (CCpart3). This latest section of the CC seems to be much more applicable and boiled down for compliance and much more evaluation-directed than parts 1 and 2, which I looked at before for the SESS’11 paper.

As for the present its back to reading…


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