Updates to VisGA: Lessons in Adobe Flex 4

I’ve released a hugely optimized version of my VisGA.

Apparently Flash/Flex does not garbage collect memory related to text appended to a textArea correctly. http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/SDK-26123

This memory allocation issue was, GREATLY, slowing down the execution of the path finding algorithm I wrote because every time i created a new line i printed the result to the console (a text field). I’ve narrowed down the bug to the appendText() method and its auto-scrolling update render() call every time the field is updated.

A quick work around to the memory leak is to access the text directly:

console_pane.text += text+”\n”;

Instead of using the inherited method:


However the scrollToRange(console_pane.text.length,console_pane.text.length) invocation necessary to update the textArea to the last line of text still posses computation performance problems

In the long run, the console will likely just have to be capped (unfortunately) at a certain small text field length (i.e. can only display the last few lines – similar to bash or DOS console caps).


updated, hugely improved version of VisGA at:



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